Peter Berdovsky (Zebbler)
(617) 271-4709

Who is Zebbler?


Major US VJ Tours (2006 - with Ozric Tentacles, 2009-2010-2011-2014-2015 - with Shpongle,
2011-2012-2013 with EOTO, 2011-2014-2015 with Zebbler Encanti Experience)
Zebbler Studios, LLC, Owner, January 2013 - current.
Instructor of music video production + video mapping courses at Berklee Valencia, Spain - April 2015 - current.

Vermin Street Records, Creative Director/Event Curator, January 2008 - January 2015.
Journalist/Featured Writer for Italian Magazine Subvertising 2010 - 2013.
Official VJ for RedBull North America, 2007 -2008.
Video Editor / Multimedia Performance Artist, DBA, Boston, MA April 2005 - current.
Visual Arts Manager @ Together Festival - November 2009 - February 2010

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, completion with distinction in 2006)

2015 Exhibit of selected video works at Venice Biennale champagne reception
2015 Artist Residency at Eagleman Lab in Houston TX
10 Best DJ Booths in EDM (2012 Miami New Times selection)
Best Visual Artist of Boston in 2009 (Boston Phoenix selection)
Finalist of Motion Graphics Festival 2009
Top 20 International VJs 2007 poll by London-based DJ Magazine (debuted in 12th place)
Best Boston Artist of 2007 (official selection by Improper Bostonian Magazine)
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship panelist (selected as an expert to award the New Genres Fellowship for 2006)
Graduation Distinction, Massachusetts College of Art, 2006
Winner of the Massachusetts College of Art All School Show Award for 2004 (second place)
MassArt Merit Scholarship Foundation Award, 2000

Ability to create complex multimedia from scratch, including video pre and post production, stage design, 3d modeling, high level audio recording and editing, interactivity (physical or software sensors), web and graphic design, managing event production and execution, live video performance.

Past a/v performances, presentations and installations include:

05.04.2015 Venice Biennale, Italy (screening of select video works)
04.08.2015 - current Valencia, Spain - Berklee College of Music - Teaching video mapping and music video production courses

2015 Spring Shpongletron video mapped stage tour:
04.04.2015 Philadelphia, PA
04.03.2015 New York, NY
04.02.2015 Boston, MA
04.01.2015 Washington, DC
03.31.2015 Pittsburgh, PA
03.29.2015 Detroit, MI
03.28.2015 Chicago, IL
03. 27.2015 Minneapolis, MN
03.26.2015 Omaha, NE
03.24.2015 Park City, UT
03.22.2015 Seattle, WA
03.21.2015 Portland, OR
03.20.2015 Eugene, OR
03.19.2015 San Francisco, CA
03.18.2015 Santa Cruz, CA
03.17.2015 San Diego, CA
03.15.2015 Anaheim, CA
03.14.2015 Los Angeles, CA
03.13.2015 Tuscon, AZ
03.12.2015 Tempe, AZ
03.11.2015 Flagstaff, AZ
03.10.2015 Albuquerque, NM
03.07.2015 Dallas, TX
03.06.2015 Austin, TX
03.05.2015 Houston, TX
03.04.2015 New Orleans, LA
03.03.2015 Birmingham, AL
03.01.2015 St. Petersburg, FL
02.28.2015 Orlando, FL
02.27.2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL
02.26.2015 Jacksonville Beach, FL
02.25.2015 Atlanta, GA
02.24.2015 Raleigh, NC
02.22.2015 New Haven, CT
02.21.2015 Providence, RI
02.20.2015 Burlington, VT

11.28.2014 Private event, Boston (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
11.15.2014 Glitch Gallery new media exhibit (curation and new media sculpture exhibit)
10.31.2014 Halloween event, private venue, Boston (custom video mapped installation)
08.23.2014 Minneapolis, MN (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
08.22.2014 Cosmic Ascension festival, MN (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
08.19.2014 Denver, CO (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
08.13.2014 Oakland, CA (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
08.09.2014 Las Vegas, NV (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
08.04.2014 - 08.10.2014 DEF CON, Las Vegas, NV (custom large scale video mapped installations)
07.26.2014 Little Rock, AR (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
07.25.2014 Knoxville, TN (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
07.24.2014 Gratifly festival (Zebbler Encanti Experience performance)
07.17.2014 Rootwire festival (custom video mapped main stage performances, ZEE a/v performance)
07.15.2014 Boston Boat Cruise show (curation and a/v performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience)
07.10.2014 - 07.13.2014 Luna Light Festival - custom video mapped sculptural stage design
07.07.2014 Verizon Innovation Center, Boston - custom video mapped installation upgrade
06.05.2014 - 06.09.2014 Unifier Festival - custom video mapped installation
04.19.2014 Willamette University, OR (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)

2014 Spring Shpongletron video mapped stage tour:
04.10.2014 Westbury, NY
04.09.2014 Boston, MA
04.06.2014 Washington, DC
04.05.2014 Philadelphia, PA
04.04.2014 NYC
04.03.2014 NYC
04.02.2014 New Haven, CT
04.01.2014 Northampton, MA
03.30.2014 Millvale, PA
03.29.2014 Pontiac, MI
03.28.2014 Chicago, IL
03.27.2014 Lafayette, IN
03.26.2014 Madison, WI
03.25.2014 Milwaukee, WI
03.23.2014 Des Moines, IA
03.22.2014 Minneapolis, MN
03.21.2014 Omaha, NE
03.18.2014 Missoula, MT
03.16.2014 Seattle, WA
03.15.2014 Portland, OR
03.14.2014 Arcata, CA
03.13.2014 San Francisco, CA
03.12.2014 Los Angeles, CA
03.11.2014 Santa Cruz, CA
03.09.2014 Santa Ana, CA
03.08.2014 San Diego, CA
03.07.2014 Tempe, AZ
03.06.2014 Flagstaff, AZ
03.05.2014 Alburquerque, NM
03.02.2014 Dallas, TX
03.01.2014 Houston, TX
02.28.2014 New Orleans, LA
02.27.2014 Memphis, TN
02.26.2014 Nashville, TN
02.25.2014 Chattanooga, TN
02.23.2014 Orlando, FL
02.22.2014 St. Petersburg, FL
02.21.2014 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
02.20.2014 Jacksonville, FL
02.19.2014 Charlotte, NC
02.17.2014 Knoxville, TN
02.16.2014 Asheville, NC

12.31.2013 Boston Public Library video mapping for First Night Boston NYE countdown

12.06.2013 Fillmore, Denver, CO (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
12.05.2013 Ft. Collins, CO (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.30.2013 Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance, private venue, Boston
11.29.2013 Skyway Theater, Minneapolis (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.27.2013 Regency Ballroom, San Francisco (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.23.2013 House of Blues, San Diego (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.22.2013 Fonda Theater, LA (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.20.2013 Yost Theater, Santa Ana, CA (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.16.2013 Concord Music Hall, Chicago (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.15.2013 Concord Music Hall, Chicago (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.14.2013 The Crofoot, Pontiac MI (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
11.13.2013 Canopy Club, Urbana IL ((EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)

10.26.2013 Video Mapped Life (Glitch Gallery, Boston - curated art exhibit of new media sculpture
09.22.2013 Freedom of Expression Festival (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
09.21.2013 Mishawaka Amphitheater, CO (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
09.06.2013 Pulse of the City (Boston interactive public art installation / press reception with the mayor)
08.24.2013 Statebridge, CO (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
08.17.2013 Zebbler Encanti Experience remix album release performance (private venue, Boston, MA)
08.10.2013 Summerset festival (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
08.06.2013 Hornings Hideout festival (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
08.01.2013 - 08.04.2013 DEF CON (hacker conference in Las Vegas) - sculptural video mapped installations
07.21.2013 Zebbler Encanti Experience performance in Memphis, TN
07.18.2013 Red Rocks amphitheater / Global Dance festival (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
07.05.2013 Firefly festival, VT (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
06.29.2013 Spot Underground, Providence, RI (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
06.27.2013 Electric Forest festival (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
06.08.2013 Impulse music festival (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
06.02.2013 Wakarusa festival (EOTO Lotus stage video mapped performance)
05.31.2013 Infrasound Festival (Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance)
05.24.2013 Summer Camp Festival (VJ performance for EOTO)
05.15.2013 Zebbler Encanti Experience a/v performance at Wobble Wednesdays, Wonderbar, Boston
05.11.2013 Zebbler VJ performance at Flux, Boston
04.12.2013 EOTO Lotus stage performance, Euphoria Music Festival, New Braunfels, TX
04.10.2013 Zebbler presentation to Beat Research / Mass College of Art (on personal art history and video mapping)
03.23.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, The Cherokee, St. Louis, MO
03.22.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Cane's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK
03.21.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Trees, Dallas, TX
03.16.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
03.15.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Aggie Theater, Ft. Collins, CO
03.14.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Belly Up, Aspen, CO
03.09.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Skyway Theater, Minneapolis, MN
03.08.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Bourbon Theater, Lincoln, NE
03.07.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Blue Moose Tap House, Iowa City, IA
03.06.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Donny's Homespun, Springfield, IL
03.01.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Blackstock, Knoxville, TN
02.28.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Georgia Theater, Athens, GA
02.23.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
02.22.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Mainstreet Live, Murphresborough, TN
02.21.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Club Metropolis, Asheville, NC
02.16.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, The National, Richmond, VA
02.15.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, The Norva, Norfolk, VA
02.14.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Charlotte, NC
02.09.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Washington, DC
02.08.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Philadelphia, PA
02.07.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
02.06.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
02.02.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Niagara Falls, NY
02.01.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour, Burlington, VT
01.31.2013 EOTO Lotus stage spring tour / ZEE a/v set, House of Blues, Boston, MA
01.26.2013 ZEE a/v set, Middletown, CT
01.11.2013 ZEE a/v set / Infected Mushroom, House of Blues, Boston, MA


12.08.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour / featuring Alex Grey, Fillmore, Denver, CO
12.01.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Columbia, MO
11.30.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
11.29.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Lafayette, IN
11.28.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Davenport, IA
11.24.2012 ZEE a/v set, Glitchgiving, Boston, MA
11.17.2012 Zebbler DJ set, Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA
11.09.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Portland, OR
11.08.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Spokane, WA
10.30.2012 ZEE a/v set, Music Ecology / Wonderbar, Boston, MA
10.26.2012 ZEE a/v set, Creatures of the Night, Lupos, RI
10.22-24.2012 Verizon Innovation Center mapping installation with Zebbler Studios
10.20.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Arcata, CA
10.19.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Ashland, OR
10.18.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, The City Arts Fest, Seattle, WA
10.13.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Portland
10.12.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, New Haven, CT
10.11.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Syracuse, NY
10.07.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Talahassee, FL
10.06.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Jacksonville, FL
10.05.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Gainsville, FL
10.04.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, St. Petersburg, FL
10.03.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Fort Lauterdale, FL
09.29.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Flagstaff, AR
09.28.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, House of Blues, Annaheim CA
09.27.2012 ZEE a/v set, Heads in Harmony Festival
09.23.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Des Moines, IA
09.22.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, St. Louis, MO
09.21.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, The Werk Out Festival
09.15.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Pink Moon Festival
09.08.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Red Rocks w/Lotus, CO
09.07.2012 EOTO Lotus stage fall tour, Catskill Fest, Hancock, NY
09.03-05.2012 Verizon Innovation Center mapping tests with Zebbler Studios
09.01.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, North Coast Music Festival
08.25.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Eugene, WA
08.17.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Stereo Terra Festival, Beaverton, MI
08.05.2012 ZEE a/v set, Freedom of Expression Festival
08.03-04.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Infrasound Festival, Houston, MN
08.03.2012 ZEE a/v set, Infrasound Festival, Houston, MN
07.28.2012 ZEE / Crystal Method / Custom video mapped set, Defcon (Hacker Convention), Las Vegas, NV
07.19.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Hornings Hideout Festival, CA
07.14.2012 ZEE a/v set, COMICON, Hartford CT
07.07.2012 ZEE a/v set, Little Camp Festival
06.28.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, MI
06.22.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Universal Rhythm Assembly, Peoria Riverfront
06.17.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Impulse Festival, Union Point, GA
06.09.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Statebridge, CO
06.08.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Mishawaka, CO
06.03.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Wakarusa Festival, Ozark, AR
05.27.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Detroit
05.26.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Silverado, CA
05.25.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe, IL
05.24.2012 EOTO Lotus stage, Bella Music Festival, Geneva
05.22.2012 ZEE a/v set at Empire Dine and Dance, Portland, ME
05.19.2012 ZEE a/v set at Uphoria Festival, Millerton, NY
05.06.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Will Rogers Theater, Oklahoma City
05.05.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Manifestation Celebration Festival, Dallas
05.04.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Lyric Oxford, Oxford
05.03.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Republic, New Orleans
05.02.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Zydeco, Birmingham
05.01.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Rev Room, Little Rock
04.30.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville
04.28.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, The National, Richmond
04.27.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Nocturnal Fest, Rockdale
04.26.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Town Ballroom, Buffalo
04.25.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, The Kent Stage, Kent
04.24.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Newport Music Hall, Columbus
04.23.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Headliners Music Hall, Louisville
04.22.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Glazel Theater, Bowling Green
04.21.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Wanee
04.20.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Roseland, NYC
04.19.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, State Theater, State College
04.18.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, 930 Club, Washington DC
04.17.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Blind Tiger, Greensboro
04.14.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, McDowell Fest, Phoenix
04.13.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach
04.12.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Orange Peel, Asheville
04.11.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Music Farm, Charleston
04.10.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Lincoln Theater, Ralleigh
04.09.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville
04.07.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte
04.06.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Georgia Theater, Athens
04.05.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Track 29, Chattanooga
04.04.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Mercy Lounge, Nashville
04.03.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Canopy Club, Urbana
04.02.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, The Vogue
04.01.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour Pittsburgh
03.31.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Electric Factory, Philadelphia
03.24.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, El Rey, Los Angeles
03.16.2012 EOTO Lotus stage tour, Boulder, CO
03.15.2012 EOTO in Belly Up, Aspen (VJ set)
03.10.2012 American Dubstep Music Awards, Atlantic City (Zebbler Studios Lotus Stage show)
02.23.2012 Spot Underground, Providence, RI (ZEE a/v set)
02.19.2012 EOTO, Crystal Bay, CalNeva Resort (VJ set)
02.18.2012 EOTO, Stateline BLU Nightclub (VJ set)
02.17.2012 EOTO, Fillmore, San Francisco (VJ set)
02.09.2012 EOTO Lotus stage premiere, House of Blues, Boston (premiere of custom built Zebbler Studios stage, ZEE a/v set)
02.04.2012 Club Metronome, Burlington, VT (ZEE a/v set)
01.09-14.2012 Jam Cruise, Florida/Haiti/Jamaica (VJ sets for Shpongle and EOTO)


12.31.2011 New Year's Eve 2012, Minneapolis, MN (VJ sets with Downlink, EOTO; co-headlining set as Zebbler Encanti Experience)
12.14.2011 Excess, Club Underbar, Boston (Zebbler Encanti Experience performance)
11.26.2011 Glitchgiving 2011, Boston (custom a/v performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience and solo sunrise a/v set)

2011 US fall tour with EOTO:
10/31/2011 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS
10/30/2011 Moogfest @ Orange Peel Asheville, NC
10/27/2011 Jefferson Theater Charlottesville, VA
10/26/2011 Martin's Downtown Roanoke, VA
10/25/2011 Gilligan's Murfreesboro, TN
10/24/2011 Cosmic Charlie's Lexington, KY
10/23/2011 20th Century Theatre Cincinnati, OH
10/22/2011 Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, PA
10/21/2011 Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY
10/20/2011 Westcott Theatre Syracuse, NY
10/19/2011 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, OH
10/18/2011 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV
10/17/2011 Skully's Columbus, OH
10/16/2011 V Club Huntington, WV
10/15/2011 The Blockley Philadelphia, PA
10/14/2011 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
10/13/2011 Jillian's of Albany Albany, NY
10/12/2011 Higher Ground S. Burlington, VT
10/9/2011 Pearl Street Night Club Northampton, MA
10/8/2011 Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
10/7/2011 Toad's Place New Haven, CT
10/6/2011 Royale Boston Boston, MA
10/5/2011 Abbey Bar at ABC Harrisburg, PA
10/4/2011 Blind Pig Ann Arbor, MI
10/3/2011 Bell's Brewery Kalamazoo, MI
10/2/2011 Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington, IN
10/1/2011 U.S. Cellular Coliseum Bloomington, IL (opening for Bassnectar)
9/30/2011 Roy Wilkins Auditorium St.Paul, MN (opening for Bassnectar)
9/29/2011 Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee, WI (opening for Bassnectar)
9/28/2011 Majestic Live Madison, WI (opening for Bassnectar)
9/27/2011 Bourbon Theatre Lincoln, NE

10.06.2011 | Club Royale, Boston (Zebbler Encanti Experience and EOTO)
09.21.2011 | Zebbler Encanti Experience EP Release Party at Wobble Wednesdays, Wonderbar, Allston, MA (custom a/v performance, deco work)
09.02.2011 | Temple of Boom, Burning Man, Nevada (Zebbler Encanti Experience)
09.01.2011 | Black Rock Film Festival, Burning Man, Nevada (Zebbler Encanti Experience)
08.31.2011 | Opulent Temple, Burning Man, Nevada (Zebbler Encanti Experience, a/v show)
08.22.2011 | Boulder Theater, CO (VJ show with EOTO)
August 2011 | DEFCON, Las Vegas, NV (custom video mapped dragon installation, deco work)
06.24-26.2011 | Sonic Bloom Festival, Colorado (Zebbler Encanti Experience/EOTO performances)


2011 US tour with Zebbler-designed Shpongletron:

04.12.11 | Knitting Factory | Reno, NV
04.13.11 | McDonald Theater | Eugene, OR
04.14.11 | Arcata Theatre Lounge | Arcata, CA
04.16.11 | Coachella | Indio, CA
04.20.11 | Bluebird Theater | Denver, CO
04.22.11 | Spring Back to Vail | Vail, CO
04.23.11 | Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO
04.25.11 | The Granada | Lawrence, KS
04.26.11 | Majestic Theatre | Madison, WI
04.28.11 | Rex Theatre | Pittsburgh, PA
04.29.11 | Westcott Theater | Syracuse, NY
04.30.11 | Best Buy Theatre | New York, NY
05.03.11 | 9:30 Club | Washington, DC
05.04.11 | Pearl Street Nightclub | Northampton, MA
05.05.11 | Boston Royale | Boston, MA
05.06.11 | Higher Ground | Burlington, VT
05.12.11 | Eagles Ballroom | Milwaukee, WI
05.13.11 | Epic Event Center | Minneapolis, MN
05.14.11 | Portage Theater | Chicago, IL
05.19.11 | The Valarium | Knoxville, TN
05.20.11 | The Orange Peel | Asheville, NC
05.21.11 | The Masquerade | Atlanta, GA
06.02.11 | Wakarusa | Ozark, AR
06.03.11 | House of Blues| New Orleans
06.10.11 | Bonnaroo Festival | Manchester, TN
06.16.11 | Fillmore West | San Francisco, CA
06.18.11 | Los Angeles, CA
07.01-03.11 | Electric Forest Festival | Rothbury, MI (performances with Shpongle and EOTO)
07.15.11 | Portland, OR
07.16.11 | Seattle, WA


2011 Spring US tour EOTO and Zebbler Encanti Experience:
03.14.2011 Ghostranch Saloon, Steamboat Springs, CO
03.15.2011 The Llama, Telluride, CO
03.16.2011 The Eldo, Crestted Butte, CO
03.17.2011 The Abbey Theatre, Durango, CO
03.18.2011 El Rey Theatre, Albuquerque, NM 
03.19.2011 The Orpheum, Flagstaff, AZ 
03.23.2011 Club Rio, San Antonio, TX 
03.24.2011 Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX 
03.25.2011 Trees Dallas, TX 
03.26.2011 La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX
03.27.2011 The Parish, New Orleans, LA
03.28.2011 Revolution Music Room, Little Rock, AR 
03.29.2011 Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
03.30.2011 Limelight, Nashville, TN 
03.31.2011 The Valarium, Knoxville, TN
04.01.2011 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
04.04.2011 Live Wire Music Hall, Savannah, GA
04.05.2011 Freebird, Jacksonville, FL
04.06.2011 The Engine Room, Tallahassee, FL 
04.07.2011 Zydeco, Birmingham, AL
04.08.2011 Masquerade - Hell Room, Alanta, GA
04.09.2011 Music Farm, Charleston, SC 
04.10.2011 The National, Richmond, VA
04.11.2011 Abbey Bar at ABC, Harrisburg, PA  


02.16.2011 Club Felt, Boston. Solo original a/v set as Zebbler Encanti Experience
02.12.2011 Post Prosperity, Tavern at the End of the World, Boston. Original a/v performance with Zebbler Encanti Experience
02.05.2011 No Tomorrow, Club Machine, Boston - custom a/v, installation art
02.03.2011 Mass College of Art and Design, Boston, Advanced After Effects presentation
01.22.2011 Raw_Kinetics2, Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, a/v performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience, video installation
12.31.2010 Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, custom a/v show and stage design for Shpongle (Shpongletron Experience)
12.30.2010 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, custom a/v show and stage design for Shpongle (Shpongletron Experience)
12.18.2010 Bowery Ballroom, NYC. Video projection assistance to Schism
12.04.2010 Club Machine, Boston. Custom a/v show with Zebbler Encanti Experience, deco
12.03.2010 Underbar, Boston. VJ performance
12.02.2010 The Spot Underground, Providence, RI. Custom a/v installation and performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience
11.27.2010 Glitchgiving, Boston, a/v performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience, video installation art
11.06.2010 No Tomorrow, Club Machine, Boston - custom a/v, installation art
11.05.2010 House of Blues side room, Boston, MA. Custom a/v performance as Zebbler Encanti Experience
11.04.2010 Austrian Embassy, Washington DC - VJ Zebbler, video projection install
10.31.2010 - 10.30.2010 Moog Festival, Asheville, NC. VJ sets for Shpongle and Younger Brother
10.27.2010 Middle East, Cambridge, MA. VJ set, video installation
10.21.2010 Club Venue, Boston. VJ set
10.10.2010 Simple, Club Therapy, Providence, RI. Original a/v set by Zebbler Encanti Experience
10.09.2010 Harvest Fest, Somerville, MA. Original a/v set by Zebbler Encanti Experience, custom video projection install
10.01.2010 No Tomorrow, Club Machine, Boston - custom a/v, installation art
09.16.2010 Tommy Sunshine and VJ Zebbler at Underbar, Boston
09.04.2010 DJ Zebbler @ No Tomorrow, Club Machine, Boston - solo a/v performance, installation art
08.01.2010 Custom remote 3d video installation at RBMA Tunnel with VJ Bonk, Indie Arts Fest, Providence, RI
07.29.2010 - 08.01.2010 Custom 3d mapped video installation, deco at DEFCON, Las Vegas
07.27.2010 Music Ecology, Wonderbar, Boston. All-original a/v show with Superfiction
06.21.2010 - 06.23.2010 Google, NYC. Video animation sessions
06.05.2010 No Tomorrow, Club Machine, Boston - video projections, installation art
05.21.2010 Club Umbria, Boston. Custom video installation and VJ performance


US/Canada 2010 tour with Shpongle - custom VJ content and performances:

04.13.10 | Charleston Pour House | Charleston, SC
04.14.10 | New Earth Music Hall | Athens, GA
04.15.10 | The Vallarium | Knoxville, TN
04.16.10 | Limelight | Nashville, TN
04.17.10 | The Fillmore | New York, NY
04.20.10 | The Granada | Lawrence, KS
04.21.10 | Bourbon Theater | Lincoln, NB
04.22.10 | Aggie Theater | Fort Collins, CO
04.23.10 | The Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO
04.24.10 | The Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO
04.28.10 | The Roxy Theatre | Los Angeles, CA
04.29.10 | Arcata Theatre and Lounge | Arcata, CA
04.30.10 | The Regency Ballroom | San Francisco , CA
05.05.10 | Pantages Theater | Minneapolis, MN
05.06.10 | Kinetic Playground | Chicago, IL
05.07.10 | Crystal Ballroom | Portland, OR
05.08.10 | Showbox | Seattle, WA
05.09.10 | Celebrities Nightclub | Vancouver, Canada
05.12.10 | 2720 Cherokee | St. Louis, MO
05.14.10 | The Masquerade | Atlanta, GA
05.15.10 | Sonar | Baltimore, MD
05.16.10 | Paradise Rock Club | BOSTON, MA


04.03.2010 MGFest post party @ 2012 lounge @ No Tomorrow - Club Machine, Boston - custom HD VJ installation, a/v performance with Z.E.E.

02.13.2010 Hansel and Gretel RE:Imagined (official VJ showcase of the Together festival), Pozen Center, Boston, MA - event curator/promoter, custom HD video installation and a/v peformance with Z.E.E. and Clever Girl

02.10.2010 We The People with DJ Klever and Congorock, the Estate, Boston, MA - custom HD VJ installation and performance, custom screens/software/video content generation, part of the Together Festival

02.2010 - 06.2011 No Tomorrow - Every First Saturday, Club Machine, Boston, MA - custom HD VJ installation, curator/promoter, spontaneous VJ performances

12.31.2009 COSM New Year's Eve celebration (Alex Grey's Art Sanctuary), NY - custom HD VJ installation, a/v performance with Z.E.E.

12.12.2009 Spark Gala Opening for ATNE , Pozen Center, Boston - custom HD VJ installation, a/v performance with Z.E.E.

11.30.2009 VJ Zebbler in Atlanta, Georgia (private event)

11.28.2009 Glitchgiving 2009, Boston, MA - custom HD VJ installation, a/v performance with Z.E.E.

11.21.2009 VJ Zebbler showcase Chicago, IL

11.14.2009 Zebbler A/V solo set at Post Prosperity/Tavern at the End of the World

11.03.2009 Superfiction Show, Wonder Bar, Allston, MA - custom VJ installation and a/v performance

10.28.2009 Red Bull Witch Hunt, Salem, MA - custom VJ installation and themed VJ performance

10.23.2009 VJ Presentation @ Mass College of Art and Design (Joe Briganti's Live Video class)

10.20.2009 Rumor, Boston, Belvedere IX launch party - VJ performance

10.16.2009 VJ Zebbler @ Alley Cat, Charlotte, NC

10.12.2009 VJ Zebbler @ Red Bull Art of the Can afterparty, Washington - custom VJ installation and performance

10.03.2009 Harvest Festival, The Armory, Somerville, MA Oct 3, 2009 - large scale video installation and a/v performance with Z.E.E.

09.16.2009 Belvedere IX launch party at Bond, Boston, MA - custom architectural projections, VJ performance

07.18.2009 Providence Indie Arts Fest (Providence, RI) - custom video installation and VJ performance

Spring-Summer 2009 US Tour with Shpongle

6 Wednesday Ashville, NC
7 Thursday Athens, GA
8 Friday Atlanta, GA
9 Saturday Nashville, TN
22 Friday Boulder, Co
23 Saturday Chicago

4 Thursday Aspen, Co
5 Friday Fort Collins, CO
6 Saturday Ozark, Arkansas
12 Friday Portland, Oregon
13 Saturday San Francisco (Harmony)
18 Thursday Los Angeles
20 Saturday Harmony, MD

4 Saturday Rothbury Festival

05.28-29-30-31.2009 Detroit mini-tour 2009 (4 nightclubs in 4 nights), Detroit, MI (VJ performances)

05.23.2009 Anime Convention 2009, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA (ZEE a/v performance)

05.21-22.2009 Nascar Parties, Charlotte, NC (VJ performance)

05.16.2009 Future Arts, Roxy Nightclub, Boston, MA (custom VJ performance)

05.14.2009 No Parking on the Dancefloor, House of Yes, ZEE performance, NYC, NY (HD a/v performance)

05.09.2009 Shpongle with VJ Zebbler, Nashville, TN (custom VJ performance)

06.06.2009 Shpongle with VJ Zebbler, Asheville, NC (custom VJ performance)

05.02.2009 Dead/Live video festival, ZEE performance, Pozen Center, Boston (custom surround sound HD a/v performance)

04.27.2009 ZEE (Zebbler Encanti Experience) at Beat Research, Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA (a/v performance)

04.26.2009 Central Lounge, NYC, NY (custom VJ performance)

04.25.2009 Superfiction performance, Harrisburg, PA (custom VJ performance)

03.27-28.2009 ULTRA music festival, Miami, FL (Featured VJ performer)

03.19.2009 Zebbler Encanti / Superfiction performance at Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA (3 screen a/v performance)

02.28.2009 Moct Nightclub, Milwaukee, WI (VJ performance)

02.27.2009 Decibel Nightclub, Milwaukee, WI (VJ performance)

01.14.2009 Zebbler Encanti Experience, Wonderbar, Allston, MA (3 screen a/v performance)

01.09.2009 The Forum, Charlotte, NC (VJ performance)

01.03.2009 Pure Music Festival, West Palm Beach, Florida (VJ performance)

01.02.2009 Vintage, St. Pete's, Florida (VJ performance)

12.31.2008 Wall Street Plaza, Orlando, Florida (VJ performance)

12.27.2008 Bourbon Street, Jacksonville, Florida (VJ performance)

12.26.2008 Mangroves, Tampa Bay, Florida (VJ performance)

11.19-20.2008 Taylor's Nightclub, Cherry Hill, NJ (VJ performance)

11.29.2008 Glitch Giving 2008, private event, Boston (event curator, custom surround a/v performance)

10.31.2008-11.01.2008 Club Solas, Raleigh, NC (VJ performances)

10.29.2008 Halloween Show, Salem, MA (custom content VJ performance)

10.10.2008 Priscilla Ball, a private Harvard University Ball, Boston, MA (VJ performance)

10.09.2008 Matters & Dunway, TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA (VJ perofmrnance)

10.05-07.2008 Red Bull Convention Booth, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL (VJ performances)

Crobar, Chicago, IL, October 4th, 2008 (VJ performance)

09.28.2008 Sound Bomb, Good Life, Boston, MA (VJ performance)

09.21.2008 Rock For Peace, Roxy, Boston, MA (VJ performance)

09.05.2008 Multicore, Boston, MA (HD A/V Zebbler Encanti performance)

08.18.2008 Belcourt Castle, Newport, RI (custom sculptural video installations/performances)

07.26.2008 Firefly Decompression, Boston, MA (several video installations)

07.25.2008 Lectric Playground, Estate, Boston, MA (custom sculptural video installation, projection system install)

07.12.2008 Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA (HD A/V Zebbler Encanti performance)

07.03-06.2008 Firefly Festival, VT (SMGU projection system installation, custom A/V performance)

06.28.2008 Dancing on the Charles, Cambridge, MA (3 screen HD VJ performance, screen installation)

06.14.2008 X-Fighters, VIP Forbes Tent (VJ performance)

06.13.2008 Mule Alley, Fortworth, TX (VJ performance)

06.12.2008 Ghostbar, Dallas, TX (VJ performance)

05.16.2008 Vanguard, Hollywood, CA (VJ performance)

05.15.2008 Central, Hollywood, CA (VJ performance)

05.09.2008 Global Groove, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA (custom 3 screen a/v performance)

05.01.2008 Prelude to the Inevitable, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA (Live video performance, video matrix tv wall scored to the music)

04.26.2008 ROFLcon afterparty, Great Scott, Allston, MA (custom video TV installation)

03.24.2008 Matters and Dunway, Middle East Club, Cambridge, MA (custom video TV installation and VJ performance)

03.08.2008 Come Home, Good Life Bar, Boston, MA (full show production, custom HD a/v performance)

02.26-27.2008 Nightclub and Bar Show, Red Bull booth, Las Vegas Convention Center (custom live video performances)

02.09.2008 Frostbyte Auction, GlitchLoft, Boston, MA (custom HD a/v performance)

12.31.2007 Ebu Gogo, AS 220, Providence, RI (live video performance)

12.31.2007 Starry Night, Cyclorama, Boston, MA (Custom video / projection installation)

12.12.2007 Flight Club, Club AURA, Portland, OR (custom a/v performance)

12.08.2007 A Night Of Music, Pozen/Massachusetts College of Art (live video performance)

11.24.2007 GlitchGiving 2007, Space X, Boston, MA (custom HDVideo-surround sound performance, a/v system installation)

10.27.2007 Surya Dub, Club 6, San Francisco, CA (live video performance)

10.26.2007 ReMixer Zebbler Performance, Berkeley Museum of Art, Berkeley, CA (custom HD Video-surround sound performance)

10.20.2007 Halloween Mashup, Club 58, Quincy, MA (live video performance, video mashup of a live RedSox game)

10.18.2007 Flight Club, Austrian Embassy, Washington DC (custom a/v performance)

10.12.2007 Priscilla Ball (A private Harvard University affair), Artists for Humanity Epicenter, Boston, MA (custom live video performance)

10.06.2007 Flight Club, The Venue at Playmakers, Fargo, North Dakota (custom multi-channel a/v performance)

09.18.2007 Flight Club, Crobar, Chicago (custom multi-chanel a/v performance)

09.07.2007 Infected Mushroom/Alex Grey show, Axis, Boston, MA (live video performance)

09.01.2007 New England Culture Festival, Historic Downtown Lowell, MA (live video performance)

08.31.2007 Flight Club, Roxy, Providence, RI (custom multi-chanel a/v performance)

08.05.2007 Hanslick Rebellion Show, Middle East, Cambridge, MA (custom live video performance)

07.29.2007 Kodiak Bar, Anchorage, Alaska (Live Custom HD Surround Sound Performance)

07.28.2007 Sheila Wyne's Art Studio Party, Anchorage, Alaska (Live Custom HD Surround Sound Performance)

07.20.2007-07.21.2007 Rally In The Alley, Club 58, Quincy, MA (Live video performances)

07.05.2007-07.08-2007 Firefly Festival, woods, VT (Live Custom HD Surround Sound Performance)

May - June 2007 ++ Residency, Axis, Lansdown, Boston (custom live video performances)

January-February-March-April 2007 Tension Residency, Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA (live video performances)

03.31.2007 Mash-Up Madness, Club 58, Quincy, MA (custom live video performance)

03.30.2007 Bouncement with Ghislain Poirier, Beat Research's DJ C and DJ Flack, Zebbler/Sean Stevens, Linwood Grill, Boston, MA (Multimedia/Video performance)

Spring 2007 Impractical Marshmallow Toasting Device, location X (Custom multi-projector installation, a/v multi-screen performance, head of the VJ team)

Winter 2007 Projection System Installation, Club 58, Quincy, MA (2 custom projection screens, 2 projectors, 2 cameras, custom switch box)

Winter of 2007 SMGU reunion at Circle, Cambridge, MA (live video performance)

December of 2006 (2 events) Artists For Humanity Epicenter (private events), Boston, MA (multichannel Live Video Performance)

12.06.2006 Tension 1 Year Anniversary, Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA (live video performance)

11.29.2006 Little Black Dress, Avalon, Boston, MA (live video performance)

11.25.2006 Glitchgiving's presentation of Glitch 2, Glitchloft, Charlestown, MA (3 screen surround sound video sync, collaboration with tbalis and Travis of Glitch)

10.28.2006 MRDRCR MDDNSS, Darpp32, Charlestown, MA (a most brutal live video performance with Square)

10.28.2006 A Nightmare In Quincy, Club58, Quincy, MA (live video performance)

10.08.2006 LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, Venue, Boston, MA (live video performance)

09.10.2006 DJ Krush, Underbar, Boston, MA (live video performance)

September - October 2006 Fall Residency at the Roxy and Underbar, Boston, MA (multi-screen live video performances)

08.23.2006 Tension's Compression Event, Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA (custom live video performance)

US Tour (Summer 2006 - custom live video performances, lighting for Ozric Tentacles (UK):
16.06.06 - FRI ~ Rex Theatre, 1602 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA
17.06.06 - SAT ~ Revolution Hall, 417 - 425 River Street, Troy, NY
19.06.06 - MON ~ Higher Ground, 1214 Willston Road, South Burlington, VT
20.06.06 - TUE ~ Webster Theatre, 31 Webster Street, Hartford, CT
21.06.06 - WED ~ B.B. Kings Blues Club, 237 West 42nd Street, New York, NY
22.06.06 - THU ~ The State Theatre, 220 North Washington Street, Falls Church, VA
23.06.06 - FRI ~ Recher Theatre, 512 York Road, Townson, MD
24.06.06 - SAT ~ NEARfest, Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, 420 East Packer Ave. Bethlehem, PA
25.06.06 - SUN ~ Alley Katz, 10 Walnut Alley, Richmond, VA
27.06.06 - TUE ~ Bogart's, 2621 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH
28.06.06 - WED ~ Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH
29.06.06 - THU ~ Newport Music Hall, 1722 North High Street, Columbus, OH
30.06.06 - FRI ~ Park West, 322 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL
01.07.06 - SAT ~ Magic Stick, 4120 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI
02.07.06 - SUN ~ Shank Hall, 1434 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
03.07.06 - MON ~ The Music Mill, 3720 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN
07.07.06 - FRI ~ Ogden Theatre, 935 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO
08.07.06 - SAT ~ 8150, 143 East Meadow Drive, Vail, CO
09.07.06 - SUN ~ Aggie Theatre, 204 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO
10.07.06 - MON ~ The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO
11.07.06 - TUE ~ The Depot, 13 North 400 West, Salt Lake City, UT
13.07.06 - THU ~ Crystal Bay Club & Casino, 14 Highway 28, Crystal Bay, NV
14.07.06 - FRI ~ Santa Cruz, CA
15.07.06 - SAT ~ The Fillmore, 1805 Greary@ Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

05.17.2006 and 02.26.2006 Amalgamate, Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA (Live video performances)

04.21-22.2006 Fab Fashion Event, Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, Boston, MA (Custom 2 channel video projection and live video performance)

04.14.2006 Hello Neighbor 2006, Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA (Performance of Glitch 2, a 3 projection surround sound sync)

03.24.2006 Super Psypocket, Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA (custom live video performance with Superfiction)

March 2006 Saturday Nights @ Mantra, Boston, MA (live video performances)

12.09.2005 Phantasmagoria, Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA (Presenting "I wash my tv in fear", a 4 Channel Live Video Sync with an additional channel of live video feed projection)

12.03.2005 RealTime, WonderBar, Allston, MA (Presenting "I wash my tv in fear, a 4 Channel Live Video Performance/Installation)

09.13. 2005 LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Bill's Bar, Boston (tech assistance, live video performance)

08.27.2005 Heist performance, Red Fox Inn, Bondville, VT (custom made rehearsed live video performance, graphic design and documentation assistance)

July 2006 Firefly Festival, VT (co-creating a live video (Glitch) theme camp, live video performances, outdoor video installatons)

2005 Goldie performance, The Modern, Lansdowne, Boston (floating video window projection installation, live video performance, tech assistance)

2005 4 20 Show, Color and Talea, Nikulydin, Bootyjuice, Bill's Bar, Boston (tech supervision of the visual artists, live video performance)

2005 Lotus performance, Bill's Bar, Boston (live video performance, upgrade and installation of custom-made screens)

2005 Big ASS Show, N181, Mass College of Art, Boston (heading the video installation section of the show, rear-projected sculptural installation, video presentation)

2005 Beat Research 1 Year Anniversary, Enormous Room,Cambridge (Live video performance)

2005 Art of the Can, 2 chanel video projection installation with custom made screens at Artists for Humanity EpiCenter, Boston (documentation video)

2005 Hello Neighbor, video installation and live video performance with DJ Flack, Massart, Boston

2005 I Heart Breaks, Circle show at Spontaneous Celebrations, Boston (tailor-made* live video performance)

2005 Color and Talea, Odeon, DJ Lucas Lejune performance, Bill's Bar, Boston (tailor-made live video performance, creation and installation of custom-made screens)

2005 DJ Flack and DJ C performance, Enormous Room, Cambridge (live video performance)

2004 The Only Way to Escape the Flux is to Be Still, Massart Auditorium (experimental live video performance, winner of 2004 All School Show award)

2004 Red Bull Sound Labs gala opening, Phoenix Landing, Cambridge (tailor-made live video performance)

2004 D.J.Modi performance, Milky Way, Boston (live video performance)

2004 Electronic Concerto, Massart, Boston (installation and orchestration of tailor-made 4 channel live video performance)

2004 Reshuffled, Massart, Boston (experimental video projections)

2004 I Wish You Could Talk, Berklee, Boston (video presentation)

2004 Pozen Gala Opening, Pozen Center, 175 Studio, Pozen Gallery, Courtyard. Massart (3 channel live video/audio performance/feed)

2004 Tremont Tea Room Afterparty, Tremont Tea Room, Boston (orchestration and tech of live video performance for Jambient Project, video presentation)

02.15.2004 Halcyon, NYC (live video performance with vjs ADD and Joshua Goldberg)

2004 Iron Pour, Mass College of Art (outdoor video team orchestration and live video performance/feed)

2004 An Tua Nua, Boston (several live video performances)

2004 Mogwai performance, Buffalo NY (live video tailor-made to Mogwai's set)

2004 DJ Krush performance, Axis, Boston (tailor-made live video performance)

2004 Ming+FS performance, Axis, Boston (live video performance)

2003-2004 Multiple live video performances at Circle, Spontaneous Celebrations

12.31.2003-01.01.2004 Plush New Year @the RedTail Loft, Boston (tailor-made live video performance)

2003 Leonids @the RedTail Loft, Boston (live video performance and an experimental video installation)

2003 Sleep is Good, Massart (experimental live video performance w/ Star St. Germain)

2003 Psychedelic Pajama Party, Massart (tailor-made live video/audio performance, video screenings)

2003 Mookomor performance, O'Brians, Boston (live video performance)

2000-2002 Various performances in Worcester, New York, Boston, Cambridge, Lawrence, Providence with “The Collective”

Event Production Repetoir*:

February 2010 - June 2011 No Tomorrow - Every first Saturday @ club Machine, Boston, MA

02.13.2010 Hansel and Gretel RE:Imagined (official VJ Showcase of Together Festival), Pozen Performance Center, Boston, MA

05.02.2009 Dead/Live Video Festival, Pozen Performance Center, Boston, MA

03.08.2008, 03.08.2009, 03.08.2010 (on International Women's Day) Come Home 1, Come Home 2, Come Home 3 (fundraiser shows for women in need) Good Life and Club Machine, Boston

July 2005 Glitch Camp (a live video theme camp), Firefly Festival, VT

2005 All School Show Closing Party, (featuring Color and Talea), Pozen Center, Mass College of Art, Boston (rigging the sound, providing and supervising the sound equipment, running the sound board)

2005 Big ASS Show, N181, Mass College of Art, Boston (heading the video installation section of the show)

2005 Hello Neighbor, Massart, Boston (a sprawling 5 room interdisciplinary video/audio/3d/2d show)

2004 Electronic Concerto, Massart Auditorium, Boston (intelligent dance music concert with 4 channels of live video projections)

2004 Reshuffled, Massart Student Life Gallery and Student Center, Boston (an experimental art event: 2 neighboring galleries filled with a maze of paintings, jazz/improv musicians spread through space, live painting on canvas and human form, live video feeds)

2004 Iron Pour 2004, Massart Courtyard, Boston (outdoor live making andcasting of iron set to electronic music created by taking an audio feed from melting microphones attached to the furnaces, bands, fire dancers, multiple channel live video performances from a scaffold tower)

2004 Bling Bling, Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston (prom for massart students and friends, bands, djs, video projections, prom king and queen - set in a lush setting of a hall in the heart of Copley Sq.)

2004 Pozen Gala Opening, Pozen Center, 175 Studio, Pozen Gallery, Courtyard. Massart (Private Gala Opening of the newly renovated spaces for the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massart, a multi-space fundraiser which included mice making music, live iron making/casting, a lush dinner, fashion show, dance performances, multiple bands, light show, catering, 3 channel live video projection/feed, speeches by the massart president and guests)

2003 Psychedelic Pajama Party, North Hall and 175 Studio, Massart, Boston (an all-night psychedelic event which included screenings of psychedelic movies, rambling poetry, abstract performances, drum circle, djs, ambient music performances set to sunrise, fluorescent installations, dancing and, of course, vegan waffles for the ones who braved it till dawn)

2003 Emergence, Tower Gallery, Massart (a festival of interactive and robotic art)

2003 Lightning Bolt/Iron Pour Show with Dreamhouse, Neptune, Noxagt, USAISAMONSTER, Lighting Bolt, Massart Courtyard, Boston (outdoor show with multiple bands set to a fiery background of creating iron from ore and pouring it into molds, fire dancers and fluttering flesh of hundreds halloween-decorated college students)

2002 Do It Till You Drop, North Hall and 175 Studio, Massart, Boston (an experimental 2 day eclectic art festival, including hardcore bands, experimental rock, cooking presentations, interactive sculpture installations, electronic music, dance, 2d and 3d art)

* Tailor-made term means that the visuals were shot/edited/animated or in any other way created for a specific show, staying true to the show's music and theme.
* Event production repetoir includes both shows where Zebbler was the main producer and a co-producer. Shows, after all, are not made by one person. Deepest thanks to all who made them possible.

All institutional education:

1986-1987 - Grandichi School, Belarus, USSR.
1987-1996 - School #10 (English Language Focus), Grodno, Belarus.
1990-1993 - Grodno Music School (Focus on percussion and saxophone), Grodno, Belarus.
1994 - 10 day exchange course at Levanger School, Levanger, Norway.
1996-1998 - Arlington High School, Arlington, MA, USA.
1997 - A course in black and white photography, Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA, USA.
2000 - 10 day art course at Haystack School of Arts and Crafts, Deer Island, ME, USA.
2003 - Mass College of Pharmacy (Course in Human Development), Boston, USA.
2004 - Boston Conservatory (Ear Training Course), Boston, USA.
2005 - Harvard Medical School (Stem Cells - Hope Beyond the Hype Seminar), Boston, MA, USA.
2005 - MIT (Regarding Evil - conference on Evil and its place in contemporary life), Cambridge, MA, USA.
2005 - Harvard Medical School (Seminar on Genes and Behavior), Boston, MA, USA
2000-2006 - Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Studio for Interrelated Media at Mass College of Art (Focus on video and show production), Boston, MA, USA.


(617) 271-4709
Founding member of Glitch VJ collective. One artist; many arts.

" Some of the beautiful insanity of the events is my urge to be eclectic and experimental, starting with an idea in my mind that is sort of like a certain taste I can imagine, then mapping out a recipe for acquiring the taste and finally 'baking the cake and eating it'. Freedom to create art events from scratch is beautiful."



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